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Reasons To Join Fife Networking

Reasons To Join Fife Networking – Networking in Fife

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Business Networking is a really valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, attain new clients and tell others about your business.

But … networking events can be daunting especially if you are attending for the first time. Everyone has the fear of meeting new people and not knowing what to expect.

At Fife Networking, we understand how you feel so why not read this blog to find out our experience?

Since we joined Fife Networking, this has had a huge impact on our business in terms of the value we have received from the members and most of all friendships. 

This blog post will outline the following:

  • Reasons why we joined the group
  • What we have gained since joining the group
  • Top referral we have received
  • Knowledge gained from the group
  • Enjoy most about the meetings
  • Testimonials

So Why Did We Join Fife Networking?

LC Joinery Roofing and Building Work have been part of the Fife Networking group since March 2017 and since then we have received an exceptional amount of business from the members. 

LC Joinery joined the group when I was part of the group via Influx Recruitment and expressed to Lee that they were needing trades and he would benefit from this. Now he knows I’m right all the time.

Getting together with a group of like minded people on a Thursday morning from 7.30-9am might seem a long time but I seriously look forward to a Thursday morning every week now.

I am part of the ‘Top Table’ who looks after all the finances and I thoroughly enjoy this role. 

What Has LC Joinery Roofing and Building Work Gained From The Group?

This is a tough question to be honest. 

We have gained a generation of referrals which has led to increased business – This is probably the most obvious benefit and the reason most business owners decide to participate in networking activities and join networking groups.

It is all great receiving leads but the most important thing about the group is the follow up and how you deal with the referrals. 

Secondly, connections has increased and the saying ‘its not what you know, its who you know’ is in fact true. If you are looking to run a successful business then you need a great source of connections you can call on when you need them and the team at Fife Networking are really the ones you should be looking to speak to.

There a multiple businesses involved in the group – check them out on our website.

What Is The Best Referral We Have Received?

This is honestly too hard to answer as we have received great referrals however one that should hopefully pull off is from Alistair Booth (that is all you are getting to know).

The Knowledge & Advice From Fife Networking

I was certainly not confident when I started networking, in fact it completely petrified me! But as I do it more, the more confident I get and the easier it becomes, and the more benefit I get from it. 

I love helping others and getting to know their business in more depth really helps me generate more referrals.

Having 1-1s with the members gives you the opportunity to get advice from them on all sorts of things related to your business or even your personal life and obtaining that important work-life balance.

Networking is a great way to tap into advice and expertise that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get hold of. Just make sure you are getting solid advice from the right person – someone that actually knows about what you need to know and is not just giving you their opinion on something that they have no or very little experience in.

What Do We Enjoy Most About Meetings

Getting up on a Thursday morning is so much easier knowing you are going to a meeting with friends and getting your bacon roll and cuppa. Delightful. 

I love how the meetings are so relaxed and informal. Other networking groups can be so formal there is no ‘banter’ and that is one of the things you need in business from time to time.

You may be wondering what goes on at the meetings …

Well each week there is a 10 minute presenter who has the chance to showcase their business and everyone else has 60 seconds (although this is usually longer) and a 3 minute talk. From time to time we will have educational slots which can include topics on Cyber Security, Tax or any hot topic at that time. 

Our Testimonial To Fife Networking

Fife Networking has become a huge sales network for us and the referrals we receive from the group are fantastic. The relationships within the group are excellent and I would highly recommend the Fife Networking group to any business looking to grow.

Get yourself along to the meeting to see if its for you and you will be greeted by such lovely faces 🙂 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and one more thing to say … Some of my strongest friendships have been started from networking.

Building Home Extension Guide – Fife & Edinburgh

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Building an extension on your property is becoming a very popular way of adding space to your home without having to move.

When you have an idea in your head, you think great but you may not know where to start?

From design to planning permission to building warrant it can be very much to take in.

This article will cover topics including:

  • Designing your extension
  • How much does an extension cost? 
  • Planning permission for an extension 
  • Building Regulations

Why Should You Extend Your Home?

Extending your home has become more popular than ever and saves the hassle of paying agent fees to sell your house.

LC Joinery Roofing and Building Work can help you from the very start of the process by referring you to our architect for all that important information you need to know regarding.

What do our architects do for you?

They will provide you with design requirements/drawings, which will determine what is to be constructed.

After the drawings have been designed, they will prepare and submit the applications and ensure that, in conjunction with a structural engineer the works are demonstrated to comply with all regulations.

Once all the detailed drawings are drawn up, only then can we provide a detailed quote with the key information and of course the price for you.

Can we provide you with an estimate?

Yes we can provide you with a rough estimate however we do always say that we need key pieces of information i.e. structural impacts to ensure the cost we have ‘estimated’ for is accurate.

What Should You Consider Before Thinking Of Extending Your Home?

It all seems a good idea – the dream of extending your home but there are a lot you need to consider.

There are a lot of practical issues, which will need to be considered, for example access, is your house in a terrace? Will the materials etc. be easy for unloading?

Other factors include:

  • Soil conditions
  • Surrounding areas
  • History of structural movement in the property

A good start would be to speak to a contractor who has done a similar extension in the same property.

How Much Does An Extension Cost?

There are many variables, which will affect the cost of your extension, for example one or two storey extension.

The standard of specification will have a huge impact on the cost of your build so if you are looking to speak to a reputable contractor then call us today on 01592 747047.

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Planning Permission For An Extension

Planning permission is not always needed for an extension.

For example, you can extend a detached dwelling by 8m to the rear if its single storey or 3m if its double.

It would be wise to speak to your local planning office to find out what might be permitted.

Building Regulations

Even if your extension does not require planning permission then it will still need Building Regulations approval. This is to ensure the minimum design and construction standards will be achieved and cover of areas such as drainage, safety and insulations.

Normally what happens is you pay a fee to your local authority and an inspector will visit the site at various stages to inspect the work as it proceeds.

The building inspector will then advise of any issues at this stage before the work carries on.

Finding A Builder For Your Extension

The most difficult thing of all would be finding the right builder to carry out your project.

Recommendations do help and you can visit websites including Which Trusted Trader, Checkatrade, FMB, The Guild to determine whom to use.

Read reviews to help you decide who to use and also speak to others who have had extension work carried out.

We would always recommend getting around 3 quotes for your project.

LC Joinery Roofing and Building Work can help with your build as we have joiners, roofers, plumber, labourers, electrician, roughcaster, and plasterer to get your project completed to a high standard.

We will always ensure that we will manage all trades; materials and keeping your site tidy as we respect your property.

So why not contact us now? We look forward to your call – 01592 747047.

Flat Roof Experts Fife

Flat Roofs in Fife | Experts in Flat Roofs

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Are you researching to find out who the experts are in flat roofs in the Fife and surrounding areas?

The trick with any flat roof repair is use the right repair material on the right type of roof. And not to use too much of it making it uneconomical, messy, or potentially more difficult to repair / replace professionally later on.

It can be difficult coming across a reliable specialist in flat roofs and this blog will outline how we can help you.

LC Joinery Roofing and Building Work LTD have been operating in the Fife and Edinburgh areas since 2008.

We are fully equipped to repair or replace your flat roof to the highest standard. We have completed a high number of flat roofs since 2008 and all customers have been completely satisfied with the work.

How do you know if your flat roof is leaking?

Common Problems With Flat Roofs

  1. Cracks, puncture holes (impact) or splits in the felt
  2. Lifting or badly stuck joints in the felt
  3. Leaking flashings into the wall of the house
  4. Dips or hollows in the roof’s surface

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As flat roof experts, we can offer a wide range of service from a simple flat roof repair to a complete flat roof replacement or construction.

Felt roof consist of a three-layer system:

Layer 1 is a 3B felt nailed to the timber decking giving a surface to apply layer 2,

Layer 2 which is a torch on underlay felt followed by layer 3,

Layer 3 which is a torch on mineral top felt.

What is the average life expectancy of a flat roof?

The average life expectancy of a flat roof is around 20 years.

I have water gathering on my roof what should I do?

When you have water sitting on your roof then we can re construct your roof to make sure the water runs away.

A site visit would be the first appropriate stage to discuss your options and then we would prepare a free quote for you with our costings for the project.

Ready to hire a flat roof expert in Fife?

If you are looking to hire a flat roof specialist in the Fife and surrounding areas then we would be happy to speak to you to ensure your roof is completely water-tight.

Call Lauren today on 01592 747047 to arrange a visit.

The timescale for completing a flat roof is usually 2/3 days depending on weather and size of garage.

Why Should You Choose Us For Your House Extension

Why Choose Us For Your House Extension (Builder)

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Are you in the middle of planning an extension and your next step is finding the right builder?

Or do you need someone to help you from planning?

You have came to the right place;

We understand that you want professional, reliable and honest builders to work with your from the beginning and at LC Joinery Roofing & Building Work, we give you that.

We work closely with our design team who in turn will work closely with you to help create your perfect build and help you realise your vision.

We are happy to help with all aspects of a project, especially in difficult areas such as planning permission applications, to make your project run smoothly and feel like an effortless process.

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House Refurbishments Fife Edinburgh & Aberdeen

The building team will be on site at all times to ensure that the daily running of the project meets budget and time constraints.

We also work closely with the designers, who will also be assigned to your build, to run the rule over the construction to ensure it is of the highest quality and nothing has been missed.

Did you see our hints and tips on our Facebook page? Give them a read.

Our job is to make your life less stressful by supporting you throughout every stage.

All our workers love what they do and you can see that from the minute they start working with you.

During The Project – What Do We Do?

During the project, the owner will visit the site to ensure that the build is progressing well and meeting high standards.

We also assess how the build is moving and if there will be any delays in the completion date and what we are going to do to rectify delays.

Do We Take A Deposit?

This is something we get asked a lot when quoting for extensions and the answer is no.

Please feel free to explore our site to gain a better knowledge and understanding of how we work and why we would make the perfect selection for your project.

So Are You Ready To Hire A Builder?

If you are thinking we sound like a great fit for your extension needs then we would love to hear from you.

We are members of Checkatrade, FMB, Which Trusted Traders, Guild of Master Craftsmen, FSB and FMB it shows that we have been vetted and approved by trusted memberships and fully qualified to carry out the work.

Pick up the phone and call us on 01592 747047.




4 Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

4 Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking And What To Do

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Not only is having to stay on top of the weather forecast annoying and impractical, but that one small drip symbolizes a larger roofing issue – and we all know that roofing issues mean an investment of time and money.

Roof leaks are very common and you need to know what to look out for and how to fix it.

Some people think that when they get a roof repair or a complete new roof that it is going to last them 10-15 years, but sometimes that is not the case, especially with the weather that we get. Roof maintenance is key and some customers may not know how to maintain.

This blog will outline causes of rook leaks and how to fix them.

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Causes Of Rook Leaks And How To Fix Them

#1 Your Gutters Are Clogged Up

Your gutters are meant to help water travel away from the roof. When a blockage forms and they get clogged, that travel stops. Rainwater will then pool in one area of the roof and have more of an opportunity to seep through cracks.

One way to fix it would be to get up on a ladder and get stuck in there with your hands. The leaves will be clogging up and sticking out, but if not, you should notice the lack of water trickling out of a downspout when raining.

#2 The Flashing Has Cracked

Flashing are thin pieces of metal that are installed under shingles and on the joints of your roof in order to create a water-resistant barrier, which can be concealed or exposed.

If exposed, they will look like long runs of sheet metal and, if concealed, they will have a rubberized coating overtop.

So how do you fix it?

Well lift any shingles out of the way and remove the cracked segment. Gently put a new run of flashing in its place, fasten the new flashing in the same pattern as your old piece using roofing nails. Then, apply a coat of roofing sealant to the nail heads.

#3 You Have Broken Shingles

Since shingles are the exterior layer of a roof, you should be able to identify missing shingles by seeing different-colored patches on your roof. Alternatively, you may find the shingles themselves littering your yard after a heavy storm.

To fix it, simply pull out the damaged shingle, replace it with a new one, and secure it with new nails.

#4 Your Chimney Is Cracked

Wear and tear is the most common cause of a chimney to be cracked. You can also look for holes in the joints where the chimney connects to the roof and also loose flashings.

For a repair, it is ideal that you contact a professional company to handle the repairs.


Get Yours Checked Today

We would highly recommend you get your roof checked today in order to make sure your roof is sealed and secured properly to avoid leaks.

It may cost you quite a bit however this is a wise investment we encourage you to make.




5 Top Tips To Prepare Construction Sites For Winter

5 Top Tips To Prepare Construction Sites For Winter

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Yes winter is coming sadly and for construction workers the most important thing is Health and Safety.

And winter means snow, ice and cold temperatures.

For companies like us, we do not shut down for the season so we need to make sure that our working area is safe as possible.

This blog will outline 5 top tips to ensure your sites are safe for winter:

5 Top Tips To Prepare Construction Sites For Winter

5 Top Tips To Prepare Construction Sites For Winter

#1 Prevent Workers From Slipping On Icy Surfaces

At LC Joinery Roofing and Building Work we like to make sure that our workers have the correct footwear for icy conditions.

Have you got the correct footwear for icy conditions?

#2 Operating Vehicles And Equipment Safely

Because we have workers working in areas such as Aberdeen this means they need to travel up there on a weekly basis.

To ensure that they are fit for purpose we make sure that they are stocked up on emergency items like flasks, blankets food and water.

Vehicles are also checked before heading off to make sure that tyres and lights are working to full condition.

#3 Ensuring Structure Of Materials

Winter construction cold-weather operations aren’t just about safety. While most construction tasks can be carried out with enough strategically placed warming equipment, some operations — such as concrete and masonry-related work, painting and drywall finishing — can take much longer and even fail if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

Contractors should follow manufacturers’ guidelines to ensure that the finished product functions as expected.

#4 Keep Track Of Weather Forecast

In Scotland we can get 4 seasons in one day so it’s a good idea to track the weather when heading out to work.

Because we cover all aspects of roofing, this is one area we need to be careful on in the winter.

Roofs can freeze over and make it difficult for repairs/replacements to be carried out.

Monitor the temperature and make sure you know when its safe for workers to be outside.

#5 Review Work Sites Every Day

Before work begins, they should monitor area to make sure it is safe to work.

Things to look out are snow and ice.

Over To You …

We’d love to hear from you.

How do you make sure your sites are safe for winter?

Have you ever had any disaster?

Pop your comments below.

Roofing Cost Guide: How Much Does It Cost For A New Roof?

Roofing Cost Guide | How Much Does It Cost For A New Roof

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This of course is always the first question we get asked when customers ask us to quote for a new roof.

“How much is this going to cost me”

The answer to this question is that it depends, and we take various factors in to consideration when giving you a quote.

Investing in a new roof especially in Scotland, where we do not really get a summer, it is wise to note that price fluctuates on many factors.

Roofing Cost Guide: How Much Does It Cost For A New Roof?

Factors We Consider When Quoting You For A New Roof

Roof size

Type of application




Number of layers

Do you have skylights, chimneys, pipes that need to be addressed in the installation?

There is a lot of time, effort and materials involved in keeping your roof in great condition.

Outlined in this blog are some more in depth prices to give you a more realistic roof installation cost and what is involved in the process.

If you are not looking for a new roof, then it may just be a roof repair you are looking to get done.

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Roofing Specialists | Roofing Fife | Roofers Fife

It’s possible to keep costs down by shingling over an existing roof, rather than replacing it.

It is a good idea to have your roof and gutters checked once a year so we can assess whether any repairs need doing or, to determine whether the roof needs replaced.

We can look at this for you for free and give you our best estimate and professional advice.

How Do I Get The Best Roofing Price?

It is important that you check with roughly 3 roofing companies to see what they can offer you.

Make sure you ask the company what is driving the prices up – for example scaffolding can be expensive to assemble.

Also material used will determine price range. Are you looking for long-term quality or are you just looking for something to tick you over?

We always recommend quality material and we always use quality materials.

Are You Looking For A New Roof?

Get in touch with us today on 01592 747047.

We make sure you get what you want.

How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Kitchen (Cost/Price)

How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Kitchen (Cost)

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This of course is always one of the first questions you will think about when considering renovating your kitchen.

Cost matters, and will certainly dictate what supplier/contractor you will decide to use for supply and fit of your new kitchen.

So how much will it cost you?

The answer to this question is that is depends.

Getting a new kitchen can be expensive and sometimes way over your budget, and it all depends on the following three factors:

  • Shape (design layout)
  • Size
  • Appliances

Kitchens can vary from roughly £7,000 to anything over £10,000 depending on what you are looking for, but if you are looking to keep your costs low, then the following tips will help you get started.

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How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Kitchen (Cost/Price)

#1 Set A Budget Before You Start Planning Your New Kitchen

This is the most important thing to do before you start planning your dream kitchen.

Although you will have your heart set on what you want, sometimes it does not always work like that and we need to consider what our budget actually is.

#2 Research Appliances & Worktops

Research is the second most important thing you should consider when trying to keep your costs down low.

Are you looking for standard products? Or are you looking for something more expensive which is rounded or has a glass inlay in it?

Are you considering granite, marble or laminate worktops?

You may be able to negotiate with suppliers on prices, but the most expensive part of a kitchen is the appliances.

So where do you start?

#3 The Flooring

Laminate or vinyl would be the best tip from us if you are trying to save money.

This would give you extra money to spend in other areas if the flooring is something that you are not too fussed about.

And last but not least …

#4 Use A Local Kitchen Fitter To Renovate Your Kitchen

Local kitchen fitters have great relationships with kitchen specialists too so this may allow you to get discount on units and worktops which again will save you money.

Kitchen fitting is something that we specialise in for our customers and would be more than happy to install a new kitchen for you.

Get in touch with us today on 01592 747047 – we make sure you get what you want.




5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us For Your Roof Repairs

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us For Your Roofing Repair?

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Why should you choose LC Joinery Roofing and Building Work for your roof repair over the rest of roofers in Fife?

There are so many to choose from and this blog post will outline the reasons why LC Joinery Roofing and Building Work are the best for your roofing needs.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us For Your Roof Repairs

#1 Been In Business Since 2008

Now you may not think this is a long time, but it is coming up for our 10th year anniversary and in an industry like this, there are a lot of businesses who are in and out every single day.

It is unusal to find a business like ours with the experience and proven record of quality and reliability.

#2 We Have An Excellent Roofing Warranty

Some companies offer warranties as long as their business has been going for, but is it all about that?

No, a guarantee is only as good as the company behind it.

#3 We Do A Final Inspection On Every Job

This may seem straight-forward, but not every company will offer this.

All of our projects are given a final inspection when the job is complete to make sure that both parties are satisfied with the quality of work produced.

#4 Honesty

There are a lot of businesses out there who go chapping on your door to try and sell you a new roof when all you really need is a roof repair.

These people need to be watched.

We will never try and sell you a new roof unless you really need it, as a roof repair is just as good quality.

#5 Our Number One Priority Is You

We want you to love the roof repair you have had done and we want you to recommend us to a neighbour, friendly or family member.

Some companies offer incentives for referring a friend but we do not want to put you under pressure in referring us, if you wish to then we would love that and your referral would be much appreciated.

Workmanship, Quality & Reliability

Those three words mean everything to us.

You can be sure of unmatched workmanship, quality material and reliable service every time you choose us for your roof repair.

Get in contact today on 01592 747047 and we look forward to working with you.

Who Manufactures Bespoke Kitchens In Fife: Bespoke Kitchens Fife

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You are looking for an amazing bespoke kitchen but you just don’t know who manufactures for them?

You’re looking for the best.

You’re looking for the best bespoke kitchen in Fife.

It’s all down to design, and above all best price? Thought so.

So you have probably typed into Google “Bespoke Kitchens Fife” or “Bespoke Kitchens Manufacturers Fife” or something along those lines that you have popped on here!

So! Why not let me help – yeah?


LC Joinery Roofing & Building Work

Of course you have us for all your kitchen work.

At LC Joinery Roofing & Building Work, we offer a full planning supply and installation service on modern and traditional kitchens from our various national suppliers.

These include Howdens, Wickes, John Lewis, Ikea & B&Q to name a few.

We also use our local kitchen manufacturer to build bespoke kitchens.

Sound like we are the right fit for you?

Get in touch!!

Up next …

David L Douglas: Handmade Kitchens

David L Douglas are a Scottish family based business who have strong family values throughout their company

David L Douglas pride themselves on being first-class Scottish manufacturing business that combines technology with traditional skills to bring their clients the very best fitted furniture that will last generations.

Click the link here to take a look around their website.

Kitchen Choice: Bespoke Kitchens

Kitchen Choice have a wide range of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

From classic wood to painted wood, from contemporary to high gloss. With granite, solid surface, laminate and wood worktops the combinations are endless.

Kitchen Choice feel that buying a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom should be an enjoyable experience whilst never forgetting, that it is a major investment and therefore careful planning and advice is essential.

If you are interested in speaking to Kitchen Choice then visit their website by clicking here

Are We A Right Fit For You?

Hopefully this short blog post have giving you a few options as to your suppliers list. Please give LC Joinery Roofing & Building Work a call however we understand that we may not be the right fit for everyone hence the other two options listed in this blog.

Give us a call on 01592 747047 or Contact Us