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Should You Use A Local Builder Or National Builder? Local VS National Builder

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When you are looking for a builder to carry our a project how do you know which one is right for you?

There are a lot of options to consider when trying to decide weather a local or national builder is better.

This blog post will outline the following

Local builders

National builders

What is the difference

What one is right for you

A key decision in the process of choosing a builder is working out if you would like to work with a local or national one.

So what are the key things you should look out for?

Local Builders VS National Builder: Which One Is Right For You?

Local Builders: Are They The Right Fit For You?

A local builder is normally a small building group of about 10-20 workers.

They mostly carry out work in a local area but some can also cover other parts of the country or perhaps all.

A lot of people find local builders a better option to go with for many reasons:

  • They can start your job quicker as they don’t have as much work on their hands as national builders
  • As they are local you can see some of the jobs they have done yourself and speak to people in your area to get a reference.
  • If there happens to be any issues after the job, they are close by so they can more or less see your job straight away
  • Local builders don’t have as much money going out as national builders so there prices may be more ideal and suit your budget.

National Builders: Are They Right Fit For You?

National builders are bigger building groups and can be anything from 20-100 workers.

They normally cover a whole country or more and again there are many reasons people find national builders a better option to go with such as:

  • Regional and local builders are similarly diverse in their level of options.
  • Larger builders are more likely to have a design centre where you can make your selections, but small builders can usually allow you to see your options on display in a model home or recently completed homes.
  • Regional builders often have a good sense of local design trends and will display them in their models.

Local Builder VS National Builder: What Is The Difference

So you are probably wondering what one is best for you right now, but there are some key considerations you should make when deciding who is the best fit for you.

Local Builder – You Get More Of A Say

National builders typically have established floor plans with set choices.

By working with a local company like LC Joinery Roofing & Building Work, you may have more of a say in the overall design concept.

You can have a greater role in the building process and you may be able to request changes to meet your specific needs.


National builders have local representatives, but ultimately they report to the home office.

With a local builder, the representatives and crew building your home are based nearby.

A local builder like LC Joinery Roofing & Building Work is focused on constructing high-quality homes for residents of Fife, Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

Local builders rely on happy customers.

Your satisfaction and ability to interact with members of the business is invaluable.


Yes probably  the most important one for everyone.

Local companies tend to have leaner structures and less redundancy.

On a national level, with more offices and greater payroll, many of the costs built into the construction of your home are necessary to cover overhead.

So What Is Best For You? Local VS National

There are no right or wrong answers here, and you will have your decision for a reason but we’d love to hear from you so

Have you ever worked with a local builder? What was your experience? Did you like it?

In summary, when you work with a local builder this can completely strengthen your relationships within the community, so we would love to hear from you.

What Type Of Extensions Can We Do For Our Customers

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Extensions are very popular these days and its one thing our clients always ask about.

Thinking of extending  your home, let us tell you what we can offer you ;

We cover:

  • Porches
  • Conservatories
  • Single storey extension
  • Double story extension
  • Loft conversion
  • Garage conversions

Porches Fife

Porches are usually smaller extensions joint onto the front of a house.

They are generally simple structures of only brick dwarf walls and columns, windows and a door.

They can be plastered or left as bare brick.

Most porches do not require planning permission due to their size, although some do.

As long as the porches is separated from the house by an internal door, and it is not heated, then it will be totally fine!

Conservatories Fife

Fairly simple structures are usually made of UPVC, although they can be timber or aluminium.

A conservatory is a cost effective and enjoyable way to add light and space to your home.

And – because most domestic conservatories are exempt from mainstream Building Regulations and Planning permissions – they can be bought and installed with the minimum of fuss.

Single Storey Extensions Fife

Single storey extensions are simple, an extension built onto a part of the house whereby one side (or more) of the extension adjoins the property and there is only the ground floor.

What do you need to consider when getting a single storey extension?

Main considerations here must be the size of the extension and its impact upon neighbours.

We can make sure the roof will work with the existing building and specifically weather the same type of roof covering of the existing property can be used on the extension.

Double Storey Extension Fife

A multi storey extension can, like a single storey extension, also be built to any part of the existing building.

A two storey extension could be the perfect way to transform your home

It is the best way of increasing living space and bedroom accommodation at the same time.

If you find that your home is too small, or you have a growing family, a spacial increase like this could be the right solution for you.

The rear of a property is usually the best position to add a two storey extension on a terraced house or semi-detached property.

Where a property has a large outdoor area, as many houses on a street corner do, there may be the potential to extend over two storeys at the side.

In some instances, an extension can wrap around multiple sides of an existing property.

Loft Conversions Fife

The most obvious advantage of a loft conversion is that it will offer you and your family an additional amount of living space.

Lofts conversions are often performed to free up storage space within a home.

If you are interested in having one of these then give us a call today on 01592 652173.

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