Flat Roofs Fife

As flat roof specialists we offer a wide range of flat roofing services from a simple flat roof repair, or a flat roof replacement to a complete new flat roof construction – we cover it all.

Our felt roofs consist of a three layer system layer:

  • Layer 1 is a 3b tack-on felt nailed to the timber decking giving a surface to apply:
  • Layer 2 which is a torch on underlay felt followed by;
  • Layer 3 which is a torch on mineral top felt.

We offer a fairly new GRP glass fibre roof system and also single ply membrane roofs.

If you are having problems with water ponding on your flat roof, we can re-construct your roof and fit timber declivities giving your flat roof the necessary run, allowing water to flow away as required.

Rubber Roofs

Are you planning a home improvement and considering a rubber roof?

Our standard features of our service include:

  • Full Site Survey by experienced personnel;
  • Complete Report including expected residual lifetime of roof and necessary details;
  • Recommendations for new or remedial works and the appropriate installation system;
  • Quotation based on experienced estimation, survey, report and recommendation;
  • Site Safety Planning is included including conformance to all relevant Health and Safety Regulations;

Full details upon request.

Glass Fibre Roofs

LC Joinery & Roofing makes an excellent waterproof coating for flat and inclined roofs. With a lifespan of over 20 years the cost-effectiveness of fibreglass roofing is amazing. Complete with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee when properly installed to manufacturer’s specifications.

Have you considered glass fibre roofs? Please contact us, we will be happy to discuss our products and services with you personally.

Felt Roofs

LC Joinery Roofing are fully equipped to install your felt roof to the highest possible standard. With expert knowledge of what the job entails, you’ll be completely satisfied with the work we do – from start to finish.

The roofing industry keeps developing newer and more innovative techniques relating to the composition and application of felt flat roofs. Based on what your job requires, our specialists will have a choice of techniques at their disposal. As a rule, the size of your roof will dictate the best approach.

Please contact us, we will be happy to discuss our products and services with you personally.