Roof Inspections

As a roofing company, we receive calls on a daily basis from customers with roof leaks. Depending on the extent of the damage, the roof may require a simple roof repair or more extensively, a new roof construction or roof replacement. As prevention, we advise regular roof inspections and roof maintenance to prolong your roof’s life expectancy, saving you from extensive roof repairs and unwanted bills.

At LC Joinery, Roofing & Building Work we don’t like to see our customers struggle financially. As caring trusted traders we believe it is important to offer our customers a complete roof inspection service, from a one-off detailed written roof report with photographic evidence to a three-times a year annual roof inspection package.

This package includes:

  • detailed written reports with photographic evidence of your roof;
  • a courtesy gutter cleaning service upon each inspection;
  • free quotations provided for any works required; plus
  • a 10% discount on all general roof maintenance, roof repairs or re-roofs.

Keep on top of your roof and call your local reputable roofing experts for your free roof inspection quotation.