Slate Roofs

When you find yourself constantly replacing slates on your traditional slate roof you will find this is most likely caused by nail sickness or delamination of the slates, both being major problems on traditional roofs across Scotland.

Nail sickness is caused when poor quality nails have been used to fix slates to the roof. Over time, the nails begin to corrode causing slates to slip from the roof through vibrations, high winds or storm damage.

Delamination of slates is when slates deteriorate and cracks appear allowing water into the slate. Vibrations, high winds and storm damage cause slates to crumble and fall from the roof.

In these circumstances, you are in need of a new slate roof.  At LC Joinery, Roofing & Building Work we offer a wide range of traditional Scotch or Welsh slate and modern Spanish slate to reinstate your roof.  While re-constructing, we highly recommend using a copper slate nail to fix slates to the roof. We can form traditional lead valleys, fit zinc ridges or fit any required lead work.